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[00:00:00] Welcome to the MBT Sports channel. In this video we are going to give you an overview of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 20 22 tournament to be held in Qatar later in November.

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[00:00:19] Let’s get into it and make sure you watch to the end for MBT Sports tip for the World Cup winners.

[00:00:24] On the 20th November the Football World Cup kicks off in Qatar.

[00:00:27] The opening match sees the hosts play Ecuador in Group A…

[00:00:30] The finals consist of 8 groups of 4 teams in each group.

[00:00:33] With the top 2 in each going through to the last 16 knockout rounds.

[00:00:36] There’s no random last 16 draw, fee fa rules state the last 16 is a fixed and seeded draw. The winners of the Groups play the runners up in another group, and each team plays once in the knockout round. The winners progressing to the next knockout round, until the final. Where the winning semi finalists battle it out, to become World Cup winners of 20 22.

[00:00:55] Just as in regular tournaments the bookmakers will be running all the usual football betting markets. [00:01:00] Such as win draw win, bet builders, Asian handicap markets, corners, cards, 1st and 2nd half markets, player markets and so on.

[00:01:07] Here’s a quick rundown of the teams and which groups they are in.

[00:01:10] Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands.

[00:01:13] Group B: England, Iran, USA, Wales.

[00:01:16] Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland.

[00:01:19] Group D: France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia.

[00:01:22] Group E: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan.

[00:01:25] Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia.

[00:01:28] Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon.

[00:01:32] Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea.

[00:01:35] As you’d expect there are some big teams in these groups and on form at least most of the long established and former tournament winners should be able to progress out of these groups into the knockout stage.

[00:01:44] But. It doesn’t always work out that way. For example in 20 16, Spain crashed out in the group stages, having won the tournament 4 years earlier. In 19 66 Brazil did the same. Having won the World Cup in 19 62, coming to England they lost 2 of their 3 group [00:02:00] matches. Was it too cold for them? Or was it the fact that Eusabio was inspired with Portugal and he won the golden boot?

[00:02:05] Here’s who we think will win their respective groups.

[00:02:07] Group A: Netherlands.

[00:02:09] Group B: England.

[00:02:10] Group C: Argentina.

[00:02:11] Group D: France.

[00:02:13] Group E: Germany.

[00:02:14] Group F: Belgium.

[00:02:15] Group G: Brazil.

[00:02:16] And last but not least in Group H: Portugal.

[00:02:19] The so-called group of death in the World Cup 20 22 is considered by most experts to be Group E.

[00:02:24] Group E features two former world cup winners from Europe and what many consider to be the strongest team in Asia at the moment.

[00:02:29] Spain were world champions in 20 10 and Germany last won the World Cup back in 20 14.

[00:02:34] Spain and Germany need to be wary of Japan who won their qualifying pool with a seven point gap over Australia.

[00:02:40] Costa Rica makes up this group of 4 and they have a history of World Cup upsets.

[00:02:44] Costa Rica came through their own group of death in 20 14 – featuring England, Italy and Uruguay – their run ending at the quarter-finals stage.

[00:02:51] So now you know some of the background to the 20 22 Football World Cup, what’s next?

[00:02:56] If you’re thinking about placing some bets or trades on the tournament, you’ll need some [00:03:00] pointers or rules to guide you. Here’s some we recommend you consider.

[00:03:03] Use bookmaker promos and sign up bonuses to create Matched Betting opportunities. Use in markets where there’s just two outcomes and back both; one with your own stake and one with the bookies bonus or promo.

[00:03:13] Use statistics to help with identifying potential markets or results. There’s a number of established stats sites that can provide World Cup stats, search for the phrase 20 22 World Cup stats in your favorite search engine.

[00:03:25] Another tip is to use short odds multi selection accumulators. Using a few smaller bets you can combine them to create bigger odds and potentially more regular profits.

[00:03:33] As an example; on Day 2 of the tournament England and Netherlands are short odds to win at 1 point 2 9 and 1 point 5 7, combined as an acca that’s odds of 2 point zero 2, if they both win you’ll more than double your stake.

[00:03:45] Here’s a really obvious tip for you. Trade or bet, on what you know. What strategies are you most comfortable with? Which systems do you have the best research and stats for? What teams are you most familiar with? It’s a short tournament, relatively speaking, so you shouldn’t try to know about all the teams or players.[00:04:00] Stick with what and who you know.

[00:04:01] The last tip, for now. If you plan to bet in-play, make sure to be watching the match! Another obvious tip, but why would you try to trade or bet in play when not watching the match?

[00:04:10] So what markets should you be looking at? Here’s some markets we especially like.

[00:04:13] Group Winners

[00:04:14] There are eight different groups to bet on at the World Cup, so this market offers you plenty of different opportunities. You could even place an eight-fold accumulator including all of the group winners.

[00:04:23] Of course, some will be harder to predict than others. Be particularly careful when betting on any ‘Groups of Death’, as these are always fiendishly hard to anticipate. This time around, there isn’t a distinct ‘Group of Death’ as such. While two of the favourites, Spain and Germany, have been drawn together, both will be expected to progress from their group with style.

[00:04:40] There are several evenly contested groups, including Groups B, F, and H, but we’d argue that Group G containing Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia and Cameroon is the toughest to predict.

[00:04:49] Goals Over/Under

[00:04:51] On every single World Cup game, you will be able to place an over/under goals bet.

[00:04:55] When making your selections for this market, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, [00:05:00] you need to research both teams. If they are both prone to low-scoring games, a bet of under 1.5 goals is smart. However, if there is a free-flowing attacking team involved, you are best to bet the other way.

[00:05:11] Situational factors are also important. If you are betting on a group game in which a draw will send both teams through, it is likely to be a cagey affair. Meanwhile, a match involving two sides with nothing to lose will be more open.

[00:05:22] Draw No Bet

[00:05:23] World Cup betting is perfectly suited to the Draw No Bet market, as it allows you to bet on one of two outcomes of a match instead of three.

[00:05:30] Draw no bet gives you better odds than a Double Chance wager. D C being a draw or a win. With so many underdogs at the World Cup in the group rounds a draw no bet gives you better odds than double chance. You can trade on the less-fancied teams and if the match ends in a draw you will get back your stake. As you can see from this screenshot.

[00:05:45] Tournament Winner

[00:05:46] This is one of the most exciting World Cup betting markets around. Here, you are trying to predict which team will win the entire tournament.

[00:05:53] Backing a winner can add another reason to get behind your favoured team or keep you engaged in the competition when your favourite side is knocked out. [00:06:00] You need not place this World Cup bet before the tournament starts, either – if you like the look of a dark horse after a few matches, you may be able to get a good price on them winning the whole thing.

[00:06:08] We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the world cup….. Who’s our tip for the World Cup?

[00:06:12] We at MBT Sports can see the heat outside the stadiums having as much impact on results as the form and quality of the teams. We think teams use to warmer climates will do better than the North European sides.

[00:06:23] Our pick to win outright is Spain, provided they can get out of the group stage. If they don’t make it, then surely it has to be Brazil?

[00:06:29] What do you think? Who will win the World Cup in 20 22, Spain, Brazil – or do you think some other team can win? Let us know in the comments section.

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